‘You’re Not Alone!’ Gabrielle Union, 42, Speaks Candidly about Her Battle to Conceive…

She spent her 20s and 30s establishing herself in Hollywood, with roles in films like Bring It On.
Now happily married, Gabrielle Union has opened up about the pain of infertility – saying she hates hearing it’s because of her success.‎

During an appearance on The Today Show on Monday, the 42-year-old actress who wedded her 33-year-old husband Dwyane Wade, last year, explained that too often a woman’s career is blamed for
her subsequent failure to have a child.

‘I think TV shows and film kind of make the frigid, you know single-focused career woman, that her career is the root of all of the problems in her life. Can’t find a man, it’s the career. Marriage falls apart, it’s the career!…and that’s just not the case.’

‘If you happen to have issues with fertility as you’ve gotten older and you happen to have a career, all is not lost…there are so many options, and you’re not alone. Having a career is not the price that you pay for any ill.’

However Gabrielle stopped short of revealing how she was being treated, other than to say it was not IVF.

‘I was actually not talking about IVF for me personally, but more of just in general.Most of my friends who have done IVF aren’t women in their 40’s – women in their 20’s and 30’s.’

Gabrielle also shared her happiness at being married to her younger basketball star husband.

‘Like hot, delicious, it doesn’t get old! Everyday he gets out of bed I’m like, “Yes, thank you Jesus!” He looks just as good going as he does coming! It’s nice! It’s not a bad gig! Some people look at marriage as the end of freedom. And for some reason, especially my husband, has sort of looked at it as the freedom to finally be the man he always wanted to be.

I’ve had to get used to him being so freakishly happy…we really enjoy each other in a way that’s probably not very healthy for us.’

Gabrielle was seen on Monday, in a short grey turtleneck dress and floral print vest coat as she stepped out into New York City on Monday.

‘You’re Not Alone!’ Gabrielle Union, 42, Speaks Candidly about Her Battle to Conceive…

Source: ‎newsafrica.com


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