John Legend And Wife Chrissy Teigen Are Pregnant!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are going to be Parents!

The award winning Singer and his model wife have revealed their difficulties with having children before now, months ago.

Chrissy said that when people ask if they were not interested in making babies, she usually wondered if they knew how difficult it was for them to get pregnant.

She said they’d have had kids years ago left to them but conceiving had been an issue prior to the time.

‎However, it is now time for the two to be happy because those problematic days are way behind them.

The gorgeous pair are going to be bringing their little one into the world.

And even though they did not announce how far gone they are, it must be a few months old because celebs take time before announcing their pregnancies.

We’re happy for them though.

A little John and Chrissy would be so adorable!

Meanwhile, the two took to Instagram to announce the impending arrival of their little one.



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